DC Services


With so many inferior I.T. providers, it can be very difficult to identify a company that has the ability to provide a consistently high standard of customer service. This is something we have been doing since 1998, so we must be doing it well.

Our Approach

We take a different approach to reclamation. Instead of simply giving your hardware to a vendor to dispose of or even pay for disposal, we make it work for you. We will refurbish your equipment to sell then split the profit with you. You will earn credit against new hardware or you can choose to use those credits to help a charity or community group gain new equipment they would otherwise be unable to afford..

Data Sanitisation

All hard drives will be securely data erased using the British HMG Infosec Standard 5 Enhanced (3 pass, verified) sanitisation method.
Advances in data recovery have been made such that in many cases data can be reclaimed from hard drives that have been wiped and disassembled. Security agencies use advanced applications to find cybercrime-related evidence. There also are established industrial spy agencies adopting sophisticated channel coding techniques such as Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (PRML), a technique used to reconstruct the data on magnetic disks.
Other methods include the use of magnetic force microscopy and recovery of data based on patterns in erase bands. Although there are very sophisticated data recovery systems available at a high price, data can easily be restored with the help of an off-the-shelf data recovery utility, making your erased confidential data quite accessible. Using our powerful utility, all data on your hard drive or removable USB / floppy drive can be destroyed without the possibility of future recovery. After using our system, disposal, recycling, selling or donating your storage device can be done with peace of mind.

Live Customer Portal

We provide our clients with details of our online portal, which allows access to all documents relating to their collections and reclamation. Clients can also view status reports and live credit totals on their account
Once all of your equipment has been processed, you will be given a full report detailing the hardware reference and specification.

We Have High Moral Values

We support a number of local causes including Rotary SR1. The group is a is a brand new concept, which will invite people, with a variety of skills, to work with others to give something back to the community.